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One of our dedicated volunteers, Ronia Dubbaneh, is soon graduating from law school and has secured a two-year Clerkship with an Immigration Judge in California. She has managed these accomplishments by attending law school in the evenings (and therefore her program was 3 1/2 years) putting herself through law school by working two jobs during daytime hours. 
Ronia is of Lebanese Muslim descent and is a fairly recent born-again believer, much to the chagrin of her parents. Yet she still maintains close ties to them and is a very devoted big sister to her siblings. Once she started volunteering at GSA CLC she gave of herself wholeheartedly in whatever way she could be used. She has provided me (and other attorneys) with great research skills and has been a mighty prayer warrior to the clients in my sessions. She is driven to serve the immigrant community and it is my sincere hope that she will one day be practicing in immigration law. Of late, she took on the role of Client Coordinator, a role that she could perform remotely and that better meshed with her law school obligations. She has served in that role diligently and shown great efficiency. 
There is an immediate need to not only show support of her accomplishments but to help ensure that the eight weeks from graduation to the Bar Exam can be spent focusing on proper studying for it. At this juncture she cannot afford to do so without getting a part-time job (she was thinking of something along the lines of Starbucks, which may have been one of the jobs she has had already). It would be wonderful if her spiritual family could offer financial support to help her get through this time period without having to work a part-time (or longer) job.
Please consider making a financial contribution in whatever amount you are able. Ronia is unaware that we are making this pitch on her behalf. A link is provided so that we can easily combine the funds and make them available to her as one community gift to her. I have utmost faith that she will use the funds wisely and for the intended purpose of allowing her to study without working a job during Bar Exam preparation. 

God Bless You!
-Dawn Trainor Fogleman, Clinic Co-Director, GSA@MOV

Good Samaritan Advocates is facilitating donations for a personal campaign in support of a dedicated volunteer. This is a donation to benefit a specific person, and not a donation to GSA itself, therefore donations are not tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity.

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