Our Mission

Seeking justice for our neighbors in need through legal aid, advocacy, and the transforming grace of Jesus Christ

Our Story

Good Samaritan Advocates is a group of pro-bono attorneys and other caring volunteers. Founded by The Law Firm of Gammon and Grange in 2006, we have provided free legal assistance and related services to low income neighbors in our clinics located in suburban Washington DC. We are a Christian Legal Aid organization, though we serve clients regardless of religious affiliation. We receive no government funds and are 100% supported by public donations.


We offer free basic legal advice

We Can:

  • Help clients understand their legal rights

  • Explain legal concepts related to legal issues

  • Explain documents or paperwork.

  • Provide advice on negotiating a dispute

  • Recommend action steps to resolve legal issues

  • Help clients prepare for self representation

  • Point you toward other resources

  • Pray with you and for you

Office Staff:

Program Manager

Elizabeth Drake


Covenant Life Church Clinic

Clinic Co-Director

Chip Grange

Clinic Co-Director

Chris Allen

Volunteer Coordinator

Kelly Crosby

Client Coordinator

Leonixa Salcedo

Client Coordinator

Maribeth Guarino

Reston Bible Church Clinic


Clinic Co-Director

Diane Shook

Clinic Co-Director

Ann-Lewise Shaw

Client Coordinator

Betsy Madden


Columbia Baptist Church Clinic


Clinic Co-Director

Eka Fleming

Clinic Co-Director

Caleb Jones

Client Coordinator

Rachel Eckard


South Lake Elementary  Clinic


Clinic Co-Director

Dawn Trainor Fogleman

Clinic Co-Director

Eliseo Lujan


Board Members

President: Ken Liu

Treasurer: John Andrew

Director: Stephen Clarke

Director: Reagan Demas

Director: Eka Fleming

Director: Lyssa Hall

Director: Ann-Lewise Shaw

Director: Diane Shook